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Sam Shoemaker Politicks On The Struggle For "Freedom"

Sam Shoemaker has been pushing out a consistent stream of tracks for a few years now with 11 standalone singles since his 2019 EP Grimy Gospel.  On his latest track “Freedom”,  he draws deep and uses concise, poetic phrasing to speak on alienation and isolation over a moody Alter beat (Alter also shot the video).

The exact subject of the alienation Sam speaks on is ambiguous by design.  He had this to say on it when I asked him what type of mindframe he was in when he wrote it:

In terms of head space, I think what’s really special about the song is how it can work on a lot of levels. I’ve heard people say they thought it was about addiction, or living life the last year under shut downs, or feeling the collapse of the current order. It’s honestly all of it.

The video for “Freedom” can be seen above or listened to at the streamers below.  Peep it out and let us know what the lyrics mean to you.

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