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Shorty Fresco is in Motion on "Ride"

Shorty Fresco have a new single called Ride.

Shorty Fresco, the collective of Greg Cypher, Jamel Moxey, and Grimshine, have just dropped “Ride”,  a zucchini skin smooth number fit to close our summer out with a much needed dose of good vibes.

The track comes in with a slight compression filter on to give it an 80’s AM. radio type feel for four bars before Greg comes in with that lethal.  It had me thinking of that moment when you were on the roller skates and the beat was about to drop that had you bonkers.  Repping the Emerald City and touching on staying focused and winning in general, the verse supplements Grimeshine’s silky production with good motivation.  Then out of nowhere, Moxey switches it up with a catchy cadence to wreck 2020 Zoom crowds everywhere:

Scopin’/ 360 scopin’/ and I’m bumpin’ Chopin/ Stay the most quoteeeed
Soldier/ soldier I done sold ya/ Move the rocks boulder/ n—as emboldeneeeed/
Folgers/ early in the morning/ dipping out to London and then I hit Berliiiiiiin.

Its a break fit for the stage.  Here’s to getting that chance back soon.  Until then, go get this in your playlist.

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