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Speedy Spreads His Wings Out on Patched Heart

Cover of "Patched Heart" from Speedy has a drawing of him with his head looking down at his heart..

Earlier this year, we talked about Speedy’s Beyond, a tightly knit nine tracks that we were super vibing off of.  One of the things that came up when I was talking with Speedy about it was his desire to keep breaking through any boundaries he might find in his sound.  From the first note on his latest three-piece EP Patched Heart, you can tell this is a course he is maintaining.

Patched Heart‘s story follows the path of a breakup from that feeling of ‘Yes!!!! I’m freeeeee!!!’ on “Thanx”, to a lonely feeling of vulnerability on “Why Wait”, to the fresh elation of new love on “Without You”.   On “Thanx”, Speedy rides a high-speed affair driven by rapid kick drum hits, the percussion all but ripping listeners out of their chair.  Speedy told me he had an interesting inspiration for the sound of it, an oft-overlooked 2Pac track called “Life is a Traffic Jam” off the Gridlock’d soundtrack.  While that song was kind of chaotic, “Thanx” is more fun, one that covers up any heartbreak someone might feel going through a split.  It’s the the type of goodbye that’s compounded with a ‘Bye Felicia!’ and two fingers in the air on the way out.

But as it goes sometimes, that sense of freedom can turn to a sense of isolation and this feeling is explored on “Why Wait”.  Its got a bluesy tone to it, a joint you could keep a cold one with while sitting outside under the moon contemplating life.  A gloomy yet gorgeous live guitar helps underscore this mood as Speedy and guest vocalist Faye volley off the other. Their sentiment speaks on how that joy of leaving a partner can turn to a wonder of how things turned sour and how that absence reflects on the rest of one’s life.  

The EP closes with “Without You” and completes the circle of getting back to love again.  Its barebones, just a guitar strumming, some bongos bopping, and Faye (she kills on all three tracks) and Speedy singing back and forth about that happiness that comes with a turned page and a new bond.  The simplicity adds to the purity of it all and the song completes a statement Speedy is giving about not being frightened to explore feelings once considered taboo for rappers of his generation.  That statement brings us back to that first note I spoke on earlier and how Speedy is tearing apart any boxes one may feel the need to check when analyzing his style, especially on production.  

Patched Heart is self-produced as was Beyond and both call out that Speedy should be sought after just as much for his bangers as he should his rhymes.  Peep the new record at the streamers below and hit up Speedy at speedytheartist.com


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