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Spokane Rap Vets Launch New Podcast
"Beers, Bongs, & Bullshit"

Promo image for Beers, Bongs, and Bullshit features a cartoon of a bull sitting on a toilet with a bottle of beer and a bong next to him.
Promo image for Beers, Bongs, and Bullshit features a cartoon of a bull sitting on a toilet with a bottle of beer and a bong next to him.

Being from the 509 myself, I am aware of the big chip on our shoulder us eastside musicians carry in regard to the shadow western Washington has over us.  That chip is not always limited in just music alone.  The politics between the eastern and western sides of the state generally sit on opposite angles and that type of thinking can lead to interesting dialogue/debates/feuds/verbal fisticuffs/actual fisticuffs between natives of either side.

However, as to how most things pan out, there are more than just red and blue types of ideologies on the right side of the state and the new podcast “Beers, Bongs, & Bullshit” is a testament to that.  Formed by Spokane rap vets and longtime friends On One, True Justice, and Big P, the podcast is part social commentary, part sports ranting, part interview segment, and everything in between leading to an entertaining gumbo of sorts that has developed a good following over its 7 episodes and counting.

The trio came together having been long time homies and wanting to have an outlet they could speak on as to whatever was on their minds being it heavy topics like Covid and the state of policing in America or lighter fare like UFC and football.  On One had said he had pitched the idea of a podcast to TJ sometime ago but that TJ thought it was stupid.  Laughing about it now, TJ says he was later inspired after becoming a fan himself of podcasts, notably the juggernaut Joe Rogan show. 

“When On One brought up the podcast to me originally, I did not realize that platform’s potential. I honestly felt like it was a nerdy concept. Major mistake on my end. As the years went by, I started hearing more and more people discuss podcasts and once I saw people I recognized with their own podcasts and listened, I knew it was something to look into finally. Joe Rogan Experience was definitely the one that changed my mind the most. Seeing how you can really just function with your people or random people and discuss limitless topics without time limits or worries. ” — True Justice

P noted that the strength of the show comes from the history and camaraderie the three have together knowing that nothing is off the table and no one is going to interrupt you. All three agree that the show is extremely therapeutic in dealing with their own stresses and how they have benefited from the outlet mentally.  

Big P crouches outside while wearing a crimson long sleeve shirt and a black beanie.

Name: Big P aka Paul Faulkner

Last Spotted: Slanging herb at Sativa Sisters in Spokane and guest appearing on True Justice’s Ambivalence album

Fave NW Artists: Nacho Picasso, Certified Outfit, & Nonstop

Fave Artists Period: Led Zeppelin, Z-Ro, Big Krit, & Yelawolf

Dream Interview & Question I’d Ask Them:
“Pimp C. I’d probably like to talk with him more about the correlation between rap music and life. I know he was all for rappers giving social commentary on records and educating the listener… I’d like to ask him more about that. Like where the lines blur between life and hip hop, and what he thinks about rappers treating it like a movie…playing a different character on the record than in real life.”

Name: On One aka Michael Smith

Last Spotted: Dropping his fifth solo album Good Afternoon America

Fave NW Artists: A-Wax and C. Ray

Fave Artist Period: Andre 3000

Dream Interview & Question: “Mike Tyson. I’d ask Tyson at what time did he realize he didn’t want to fight anymore. I watched him retire on a stool against a journeyman and post-fight he just said I don’t want to do this anymore.”

True Justice stands on the porch while holding work equipment.

Name: True Justice aka TJ Regalado

Last Spotted: Recently releasing his second solo album, the double disc Ambivalence

Fave NW Artist: C. Ray

Fave Artist Period: 2Pac

Dream Interview & Question: “2pac would be my number one for sure. I would want to ask him if he has seen any changes in this country yet.”


New episodes drop generally on a weekly basis and can be heard on Spotify and Google Podcasts.  You can also hit them up by clicking the links below.

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