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We find that good Hip Hop from today that sounds great next to the best from the Golden Era.  New tracks are added to the playlist on Tuesdays with every region represented from West to East and worldwide as well. We also throw in a handful of classics from back in the day that you may have not heard in a bit, or maybe never. 

This is the playlist for grumpy old cats who hate all the shit on the radio but want to hear something new and dope.  It’s also for the young bucks who dig spitters whose bar game is fierce and keep that real Hip Hop vibe alive.  If that sounds like you, give the list a follow and maybe check out some of the articles we write on these artists too.  And if you make music like this, shoot us an email.  We don’t care if you have 20 followers or 20,000.  If we dig it, we will try and get it on the site. Appreciate you coming through!!

So awhile back after hearing so many people declare that Hip Hop was dead and that modern rap music was wack, we decided we would make it our mission to prove that notion wrong.  I myself am an old head, brought up during the Golden Era.  Not long ago I also thought there wasn’t much dope shit out there to get excited about.  My son kept on me, pushing me to snap out of my 90’s bubble and take a peek at what his generation and those before him were making.  The truth is there is so much filthy music out there and I had a lot of catching up to do.  I know there’s a lot of cats from the older era that feel the same way I dig, younger kids too. And it’s not always the easiest to find a consistent source of these types of flavors we dig.   Most Hip Hop websites don’t separate that traditional Hip Hop from the modern trap or mainstream styles.   

So we said, ok let’s try and do our part.  Our goal here is to highlight artists that make the type of Hip Hop that would sound good right next to the stuff we grew up on.  We then put it in one spot so you can find it easy.  We try and post every weekday, don’t come a fraction close to catching everything out there, don’t even always know who’s who.  Sometimes it might be a month before we hear something or get to writing about it.  We don’t give a shit.  If it’s hot, we will talk about it.  And we don’t care if the artist has 20 followers or 20,000, if she’s from NYC or he’s from Walla Walla, WA.  If we dig it, we will try and get it on the site.  If we don’t (sometimes we burn out to be honest), we still might throw it in this playlist on the left that we just recently launched.

So if that sounds like something you vibe with, follow that playlist and hit us on social media and check out some of the articles we have up.  And if you know someone who is making the type of stuff we are talking about, have them shoot us an email.  


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