Awall a.k.a. 2piece Is in Top Form On Uncle Wallygator

Awall has a new album in "Uncle Wallygator" and on the cover for it he leans on the driver side door of a nice Cadillac.

Awall a.k.a. 2piece Is in Top Form On Uncle Wallygator By Josh Rizeberg At this time it is self-evident, the proof is in the pudding: Awall a.k.a. 2Piece is one of the greatest MC’s to ever come out of Tacoma, WA. He is a highly-respected veteran who has the utmost respect from the younger generations. […]

Awall Gets You Into A “Tacoma State of Mind”

"Tacoma State of Mind" is the new single from the town's vet Awall.

Awall Gets You Into A “Tacoma State of Mind” by Shao Sosa Awall aka 2piece aka Kaiser Soze is a fixture in Tacoma Hip Hop.  The town veteran has over two decades on the scene under his belt and he definitely isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.  In between making some of the area’s […]

Makkk Hussien Smashes In With “Supreme Gangstaz”

Cover of Makkk Hussien's album Supreme Gangstaz featured a thugged out version of Thanos throwing up the W for West Coast.

Makkk Hussien Smashes Through With Supreme Gangstaz By Shao Sosa Dope street hop has become a ghost of what it once was. The presence of notable artists of the genre in today’s spotlight of rap music is by and by pretty slim. Trap and Soundcloud rap, the illegitimate bastard sons of gangster music, have taken […]

Build and Destroy Are “A Product of the Outrage”

The Product of Outrage is the new album from Build and Destroy.

Build & Destroy are a Product of the outrage by Shao Sosa Ay, its beautiful that the good fight has been brought to the streets and what the hood has been dealing with for generations is finally at the forefront of conversations where it should be.  That is undeniable.  But this fight is not new […]