C. Ray Explodes On Raydiation

The cover for "Raydiation" by C. Ray features a side shot of the rapper's head with a nuclear explosion transposed where his brain would be.

C. Ray Explodes On Raydiation By Kody Linscott, Independent Contributor Tri-Cities based MC/producer C. Ray has graced us with another collection of hits in the form of Raydiation¸ the independent MC’s most recent release and second album of 2020 (after Rhodes). Raydiation is a celebration of independence over anything else. C. Ray lets us know […]

C. Ray is “Lethal” On His Latest

Lethal is the latest single from C. Ray

C. Ray is “Lethal” On His Latest by Shao Sosa The Northwest’s most complete package C. Ray has dropped another dose of that good good, a bumper set for smoke or riding sessions (or both) that should be in your rotation right now. Titled “Lethal”, the track sees Chuck hit you with a Rasta-influenced sonic […]