Marshall Law Band Bring It Back to <i>12th and Pine</i>

"12th and Pine" is the new album from Seattle jam crew The Marshall Law Band. In this image, the band performs on an outside stage during the occupation of Capital Hill in 2020.

Marshall Law Band Bring It Back to 12th and Pine By Mamu McMatthews The sheer momentous talent of Marshall Law Band cannot be overstated! Their music, a fusion of Funk, Rock and Roll, and Hip Hop, features evocative lyrics over live instrumentation. But this band is so much more than just entertainment, they’re a voice […]

On <i>Midnite</i>, Seattle Knows Gerde Got It

Gerde stands in dark clothing against a grey backdrop while his arms move are framed in six different positions.

On Midnite, Seattle Knows Gerde Got It By Nate Hodge Seattle area media artist James Gerde has been super active for a bit but especially over the last 12 months or so. From having a Covid-19 image series featured by KIRO, work being featured in The Stranger, the gorgeous “Entity“ video, the man has been at […]