Nobi Destroys Mics On New EP <i>Silhouette</i>

Cover for Nobi EP "Silhouette" features a shadowy image of Nobi holding an umbrella while standing under an open walled structure outside.

Nobi Destroys Mics On New EP Silhouette Photo by Zac Lauer By Josh Rizeberg Striking while the iron is hot is so very important in this fast-paced digital music world. Following the critical-acclaim of his 2020 release Fulminate, Nobi from Washington State drops a concise, four track ep titled Silhouette. Production is handled by Evngeo, […]

Shorty Fresco is in Motion on “Ride”

Shorty Fresco have a new single called Ride.

Shorty Fresco is in Motion on “Ride” by Nate Hodge Shorty Fresco, the collective of Greg Cypher, Jamel Moxey, and Grimshine, have just dropped “Ride”,  a zucchini skin smooth number fit to close our summer out with a much needed dose of good vibes. The track comes in with a slight compression filter on to […]