Hanif Highlights Why He is One of the Best on <i>No Sympathy</i>

Cover for Hanif's "No Sympathy" is a hand drawn capture of happy African American families having a cookout while a Ku Klux Klan member hangs from a tree.

Hanif Highlights Why He is One of the Best on No Sympathy By Josh Rizeberg A true wordsmith repping Portland, North East Neef, along with Mike Mo on the production, released a six-song project titled “No Sympathy” available exclusively on North East Neef AKA Hanif’s Bandcamp page. For those that do not know, Neef is […]

Hanif Gives You The Business On “LLC”

Hanif stands with a white Adidas jacket with black stripes.

Hanif gives you the business on “llc” By shao sosa It was with great pleasure that any Hip Hop head with the smallest smidgen of good taste took the news that Hanif, one of the nicest to ever put the pen to the page, was returning this year after a lengthy hiatus from making music.  […]