John L. Declares It’s Better Now Than Never

On cover of John L. "Better Now Than Never" album, the rapper/producer is seen standing against a building with a cap pulled down over his face.

John L. Declares It’s Better Now Than Never By Kody Linscott With daylight savings just hitting, weather making a turn for the better, and a vaccine date on the horizon, my outlook on life has been a lot better than it has for the last, oh, year or so. I haven’t had a lot of […]

John L. Asserts That Through It All We Still “Gotta Try”

Cover for John L's new single "Gotta Try"

John L. Asserts that through it all we still “gotta Try” By Shao Sosa Its been a rough year. In all my days on this planet, I can recall no other time as challenging as this one. One thing that we can hope for is that through it all there could be significant change for […]