Makkk Hussien Gets to Cooking On “Raw Meat”

On the cover for Makkk Hussien single "Raw Meat", a package of raw meat is seen with a price tag with handwritten info on the tag about the song.

Makkk Hussien Gets to Cooking On “Raw Meat” by Nate Hodge Makkk Hussien has been active on the West Coast for over a decade, releasing numerous albums, EPs, and singles both solo and with his long time friend and collaborator Mac $ane (fka CD Sane).  He just now released “Raw Meat”, his first solo video […]

Makkk Hussien and Cally Reed Speak Heat On “Kruel Summers”

Makkk Hussien and Cally Reed are pictured in 3d animated format here in the cover to their single "Kruel Summers"

Makkk Hussien and Cally Reed Speak Heat On “Kruel Summers” by Shao Sosa Blocks everywhere are gearing up for a hot summer.  Action in the U.S.  has been elevating all year and Tacoma, WA bears testimony to that.  The atmosphere there has been simmering for months.  Speaking on two ends of that are town vets […]

Makkk Hussien Toasts Hard Work On “All Mines”

Makkk Hussien has a new single "All Mines" and on the cover he is wearing Arabic attire while standing in front of the IRS building with two dogs on his side.

Makkk Hussien Toasts Hard Work On “All Mines” by Nate Hodge Tax season has long been called out from Hip Hop figures as the time to spot three week ballers and wolf ticket salesman everywhere.  Combined with this year’s timely stimulus payments, these times should be ripe for an outbreak of tycoon imitation like no […]

Makkk Hussien Pulls Out The .38 Special & Lets Off

Cover for Makkk Hussien EP ".38 Special" features a hand drawn picture of the rapper wearing a ghutra and holding a pistol while bombs go off in the desert background.

Makkk Hussien Pulls Out The .38 Special & Lets Off Six By Nate Hodge Tacoma like many cities has been dealing with the tension of gentrification and changing demographics.  The old guard is hanging on to what’s left with bitter distrust of their new neighbors.  Many of the new neighbors look at the old urban […]

Preview Makkk Hussien’s New Track “The Wire!!”

Makkk Hussien wears a black beanie and makes a 'W' with his hands.

THANKS FOR DROPPING THROUGH Subscribers to our free email list receive first dibs on all kinds of goodies including exclusive content, song leaks, and behind the scenes looks at cool shit.  Right now if you sign up, you could have downloaded Makkk Hussien’s EP .38 Special BEFORE IT EVEN DROPPED.   That offer is expired, but […]

Makkk Hussien and Roc’Phizzle Are In Impeccable Form On “Streets Keep Callin'”

Cover for Makkk Hussien's "Streets Keep Callin'" features a cell phone with a missed call. On the left side of the phone is a urban street and on the right side of the phone is a warehouse with a time card being punched in.

Makkk Hussien and Roc’Phizzle Are In Impeccable Form On “Streets Keep Callin’” by Nate Hodge Tacoma’s Makkk Hussien is getting after it this year.  Having already dropped the stellar project Supreme Gangstaz in July, one could assume it would be possible that he would rest on his Chucks until 2021.  But this is not the case […]

Makkk Hussien Smashes In With “Supreme Gangstaz”

Cover of Makkk Hussien's album Supreme Gangstaz featured a thugged out version of Thanos throwing up the W for West Coast.

Makkk Hussien Smashes Through With Supreme Gangstaz By Shao Sosa Dope street hop has become a ghost of what it once was. The presence of notable artists of the genre in today’s spotlight of rap music is by and by pretty slim. Trap and Soundcloud rap, the illegitimate bastard sons of gangster music, have taken […]

Makkk Hussein and Southpaw Lefty Are On That Chin With “Heinous Crimes”

Cover of Makkk Hussein's Heinous Crimes single.

Makkk Hussien & Southpaw Lefty Are on That Chin With “heinous crimes” By shao sosa First things first, if you didn’t check out Makkk Hussien’s Hurricane Isaac: Momma’s Little Villain EP last year, stop now and go do that.  Like now.  That record is one of the dopest street hop releases out the NW in […]