Hanif Highlights Why He is One of the Best on <i>No Sympathy</i>

Cover for Hanif's "No Sympathy" is a hand drawn capture of happy African American families having a cookout while a Ku Klux Klan member hangs from a tree.

Hanif Highlights Why He is One of the Best on No Sympathy By Josh Rizeberg A true wordsmith repping Portland, North East Neef, along with Mike Mo on the production, released a six-song project titled “No Sympathy” available exclusively on North East Neef AKA Hanif’s Bandcamp page. For those that do not know, Neef is […]

Illmac’s Latest Album “Sprng” Cruises Forward, No Fall Back

Cover for Illmac's album Sprng which is pronounced "spring". The cover features a lone shadowy figure standing on a sphere in a cloudy atmosphere while looking into the sun..

Illmac’s Latest Album Sprng Cruises Forward, No Fall Back Photo Courtesy of Zach MacPherson | www.shooteverything.caig: @shooteverything.ca By shao sosa I’m sure this has been established many times before but I will say again that its not always that the dopest battle rappers make the best albums.  Illmac has been a consistent exception though and […]