Real Kozby and Stuey Newton Are Deadly On <i>Interstate 5 Murders</i>

Cover for "Interstate 5 Murders" has the faces of Stuey Newton and Real Kozby imposed into the letters that make up the word five.

Real Kozby and Stuey Newton Are Deadly On Interstate 5 Murders By Josh Rizeberg When it comes to straight-up bars not many in Washington State can compare to the duo of Real Kozby and Stuey Newton of Silk Road Entertainment. Perhaps no duo in the area is more respected for their rapping ability than these […]

Real Kozby Unleashes On <i>The Vent Project</i>

Real Kozby "The Vent Project" cover is a handwritten notebook sheet with the album title on it.

Real Kozby Unleashes On The Vent Project By Josh Rizeberg Tacoma is known for street rap. Everything else is secondary in this city but we do have some bar-heavy MC’s to speak of and one of them is Real Kozby of Silk Road Entertainment. Real Kozby is a classic spitter relying on metaphors and clever […]

Real Kozby is Only Bringing That Good <i>Energy</i>

On the cover for Real Kozby's "Energy", the rapper is pictured blowing smoke out while standing in front of the Tacoma Dome.

Real Kozby is Only Bringing That Good Energy By Shao Sosa Real Kozby is not letting 2020 slow his progress at all.  As October ends, the South End mic smasher is dropping his third project of the year in Energy.  Energy is a 14-track effort where Kozby continues to showcase his ability to intermingle a […]

Real Kozby Shows Off His Pen Game on “The Real Me II”

Cover for Real Kozby's EP "The Real Me 2". A very young Real is pictured with his smiling mother.

Real Kozby shows off his pen game on the real me II Silk Road’s Real Kozby is well known in the Tac as one of the city’s coldest spitters.  From assassinating rappers on “friendly” diss tracks to guest features that ensured the artist sending the invite had to step their game up, Kozby is a […]