Speedy Spreads His Wings Out on Patched Heart

Cover of "Patched Heart" from Speedy has a drawing of him with his head looking down at his heart..

Speedy Spreads His Wings Out on Patched Heart By Nate Hodge Earlier this year, we talked about Speedy’s Beyond, a tightly knit nine tracks that we were super vibing off of.  One of the things that came up when I was talking with Speedy about it was his desire to keep breaking through any boundaries […]

Speedy’s New Record Goes Above and Beyond

Speedy’s New Record Goes above & Beyond By Nate Hodge The rap game is a mirage, a false oasis of big loot, flashy rides, and shiny twerking booties.  Even throughout all of the music’s switches in patterns and tastes throughout the years, that illusion in a desert seemingly filled with nothing but other rappers has […]