Makkk Hussein and Southpaw Lefty Are On That Chin With “Heinous Crimes”

Cover of Makkk Hussein's Heinous Crimes single.

Makkk Hussien & Southpaw Lefty Are on That Chin With “heinous crimes” By shao sosa First things first, if you didn’t check out Makkk Hussien’s Hurricane Isaac: Momma’s Little Villain EP last year, stop now and go do that.  Like now.  That record is one of the dopest street hop releases out the NW in […]

Krime and Shaheed Get “Straight To The Facts”

Krime and Shaheed Get Straight To The Facts Guest Feature From Josh Rizeberg When it comes to a Tacoma sound: 1 thing the city has is grime, toughness, roughness, raw, uncut, street, real, whatever you want to call it. One of the innovators and originators of this ethos is Krime. Krime has been at […]

Ace Loner Skating On Ultra Smooth “Put It On Me”

Ace Loner stands with his hands intertwined wearing a white Fila hoodie.

Ace Loner Is Skating On Ultra Smooth “Put It On Me” Ace Loner continues to showcase his ability to spit silk on verses with his newest single “Put It On Me”, a summertime track meant to ride out to with the top down and a bag of charcoal in the trunk.  Ace, aka Don James, […]

Real Kozby Shows Off His Pen Game on “The Real Me II”

Cover for Real Kozby's EP "The Real Me 2". A very young Real is pictured with his smiling mother.

Real Kozby shows off his pen game on the real me II Silk Road’s Real Kozby is well known in the Tac as one of the city’s coldest spitters.  From assassinating rappers on “friendly” diss tracks to guest features that ensured the artist sending the invite had to step their game up, Kozby is a […]

Blake Anthony is in Your Fridge With “Badmilk”

Blake anthony is in your fridge with badmilk Blake Anthony is back with another six tracks with “Badmilk”, a collection of slumpers that will have your neck sore.  Representing the midwest but now HQ’d in Tacoma, Blake brings in Nobi, Mr. Hentvii, Bvmmer, Perry Porter, F R E S H, and Astral Trap to assist […]