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TheDGTL and Mr. Hentvii "Been There" and It Shows

On the cover of TheDgtl and Mr. Hentvii single "Been There", drawn arrow like shapes drop at an angle through a dark backdrop.

King County stalwarts TheDGTL and Mr. Hentvii recently teamed up again to drop “Been There”, a lively face slapper that just leveled up the anticipation for TheDGTL’s forthcoming album, of which this track is from.  “Been There” has a rumbling electronic bassline that will have that noggin nodding like your bobblehead collection when a fleet of semi-trucks passes the flat.  That quaking instrumentation coupled with Hentvii and DGTL waxing over what separates them from the B-squad is an A-1 recipe.  Get to know it right now.

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