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theDGTL Leveling Up With Two New Singles

TheDGTL aka Jake Hillard continues his active run with two new singles for 2021 released back to back.  The first is “Minutes” and features Nobi guest versing with his usual gold standard pen game on a track directed at the objects of their affections.  But first, Hillard floats through tantalizing vocal sets with his signature sax rounding out the backdrop.  Nobi comes in and closes with another potent offering to put “Minutes” up as a must have for Valentines ’21.

On “Celebrate” which dropped a week before “Minutes”, theDGTL rips his verses on a track that evolves from almost a summertime on a Cali beach type feel to what happens when all those on that beach hit the clubs come sundown.  It’s something Hillard does really well when he switches tracks completely in the middle of a song and on the latter half of this joint he brings in Dee and The Double Standards to pipe the hook out while Vito Maserati contributed on drum selection throughout the whole romper.   Dee and the Double Standards is Philip Peterson’s band and Peterson also co-produced both “Minutes” and “Celebrate”.  Check both these dope but completely different tracks out at the streamers below.

Cover for theDGTL and Dee and the Double Standards "Celebrate"

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