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TheDGTL Steps Out From Behind The Boards On Two New Singles

Cover for theDGTL's single Bebop is a hand drawn series of light and dark shapes that resemble music notes.

The last couple of years have seen producer theDGTL skyrocket into a firm position in the trenches of the greater Seattle Hip Hop production scene, working on projects with Nobi, Perry Porter, Marshall Law Band, and many others.  He is also known as a fierce saxophone player, showing up for live sets all over before Covid-19 shut all that down like a ho.

We had no idea though that he was also a capable MC.  He recently dropped two singles “Bebop” and “attract/decoy”  to get us familiar and there is no question the man has had an ace up his sleeve this whole time.

On “Bebop”,  theDGTL lights up a Red Bull slamming then moshing around the room type vibe while keeping up with his soundscape with a quickfire vocal pace that shifts speed franticly throughout the track’s two minutes.  It all comes together in a gorgeous symphony of chaos that would fit perfect as the soundtrack to two-minute drills all over.

“attract/ decoy” shifts gears, staying upbeat but in a much chiller, almost jazz-house fusion type feel.  His cadences keep morphing as well, starting with a deep pitch effect while rapping then answering with a higher octave, sing-chanty delivery that leads into a break.  DGTL has built a stout portfolio at these types of mashups in styles and “attract/decoy” is a demonstration of his strength in this.   Right when you think you know where this song is going, he tears it all down in the middle by cutting the tempo in half.  It’s the audio equivalent of turning the lights off in the club in the middle of a DJ set and letting the smoke sit in the air for a sec as the drums and sax switch the mood up.  When it’s all through, the title of the track is poetically accurate and you have to hit rewind to understand how you fell for both words.

2021 is looking bright for theDGTL as he continues one-upping himself.  Making moves with his longtime consigliere and fellow beatsmith Vito Maserati, theDGTL will have plenty to keep us laced with as we flip the calendar.

Cover for theDGTL's single "Attract/Decoy" is a series of shrinking rectangles on a purple background.,

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