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Topp Shines With The "Glow"

Topp has a new single "Glow". Here he is pictured dressed in winter wear while holding a dog by the leash outside in a cold looking environment.

Topp just released a brand new singled titled “Glow” available everywhere. This song is layered deep with lots of multi-faceted parts. The beginning has a delicate spoken word piece accompanied by a solo violin. Then the haunting, yet beautiful song begins. It is a choir feel singing the words over a modern-day, trap, bass-heavy beat. Topp starts to rap/sing with lots of emotion. “We not in dark, bitch we glow!” Is the hook and it is an artistic call-to-arms. This song will require multiple listens to capture all the angles. The end has melodic piano chords that take us out as we try to process the deep levels of emotion we just heard. Go ahead and press play again. You will need and want to. For me, this song means the best way to resist oppression is to GLOW!

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