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Two Faces, The New EP From Jacklando, Shows They Are a Force in Neo-Soul

The four members of Jacklando stand outside by a house during the day.

Jacklando brings a new EP, Two Faces, hot off the heels of their self-titled 2019 EP. This neo-soul band from Spokane provides music to feel something and an absolute vibe to explore. Perfecting their sound for this second EP Jacklando has taken their blues and R&B influence and pushed their ideas of genre against all boundaries.

The EP starts with a smooth cut with “Not Tryna Fight”, and develops the lush textures throughout Two Faces with “intermission.wav” and then again towards the end of the experience of the EP in the track “Endless”. Jacklando pushes their sound to the edges of the genre’s that they play well and attacks the listener with their revolutionary music.

Jacklando showcases more of the lyrical and melodic power in the title track, “Two Faces” and “Angel That Survived”. The lush melodies twist and turn and provide a maze-like experience to sing along to. With memorable lyrics and relatable emotions, this EP delivers a full experience.

Two Faces centers itself around a minimal groove that ties itself through every track and tells the whole audience that it’s time to vibe with Jacklando. The groove blasts us in our faces in “Fugitive” and “Locked and Loaded” pushes their soul influences and has it collide with R&B. The EP ends with a bang on the track, “Feel Alive” and wonderful grooves jamming with the smooth keys.

Jacklando has revolutionized their sense of sound and genre while doing what they do best.  The end result provides an almost half-hour EP that delivers fresh, groovy music that you’ll want to listen to on repeat all winter.


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