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Un A.K. and Daughter Aizja Monique Team Up For "Who Am I"

Cover for "Who Am I" from Un A.K. is a black and white picture of him and his daughter Aizja Monique making faces.

Un A.K., fresh off a posse cut feast in “Deadnyce”, switches up the steelo on his latest “Who Am I”, a heartfelt track breaking down relationship turbulence.  “Who Am I” features a collaboration with the MC’s daughter Aizja Monique and the duo boast a strong chemistry that is spotlighted in the gorgeous chorus of the song.  

This chorus opens up the track in acapella, giving listeners a moment to be wowed by the tremendous harmonies father and daughter provide.  Un’s gruff voice paired with Aizja’s rich soprano is a combo that pairs like a bottle of the best wine and a top cut porterhouse.  It’s that good.  Then when the melodious production from 2xTim kicks in on the verse, it all comes together like a four course meal.  Un chops across the track touching on the question of how a partner could run out on a long relationship after everything the two built together.  It’s something most of us can relate to and makes for a good listen.  Get into it below.

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