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Vursatyl and Lunden Benard Scorch On "Secondhand Smoke"

Stalwart Northwest dignitary Vursatyl the Great has teamed up again with Lunden Benard after last year’s groovy breakup ditty “I Don’t Want You Anymore”.  Vursatyl has long been a dual-threat as a silky crooner/ vicious MC, and on that single he flexed his soulful baritone while Benard flamed the guest verse.  But on their new track “Secondhand Smoke”, it’s all mic mayhem as the pair wax heavy on cats making moves against code.

It’s a topic heavily covered in Hip Hop, but it’s rare to hear it presented like it is here.  When rats and snakes are put to the cross, it’s usually over something sinister, unlike the upbeat and jazzy-toned banger on”Secondhand Smoke” provided by Vitamin D.  The feel is much more Tribe than say Scarface, and Vursatyl and Benard’s smooth eloquence behind the mic stand add to that vibe.  Check out the Zack Lee-directed video above or the audio at the streamers below.

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