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Yel Lets Out Her Crazy With New Video For "Insane"

Yel brings us visual dynamite with the new music video “Insane”. Scorpio season is coming in hot this year with the lyrical genius and aesthetic rockstar that is Yel. This video finds us in quarantine while Yel and producer/co-director Topp start to lay out a catchy and chaotic rhythm and flow to hype up the listener. Rocking out hard through screams and a smooth hook from Topp, Yel is ready to let it out and let us have the genius flow she crafts. Bouncing across the steady beat, her lyrics are smooth and relatable while still matching the crazy hype the song is driving to achieve.

Hailing from Pasco, Washington, Yel introduces us to her first EP, The Life I Live with this firework of a single. Filmed by Lois Lee, from Los Angeles, the short film gives us a glimpse into Yel’s aesthetic wonderland that has been praised by the online ungendering fashion editorial DapperQ. She matches her luscious lyrics with a style mix of old and new, inspired by 90’s era nostalgia while still incorporating a fresh perspective on West Coast rap, and what it means to be a musician up and coming in the everlasting sunshine of California. Taking an easy yet aggressive flow over the beat, the lyrics penetrate and drip smoothly across the bass. Yel drives the beat with the ever aggressive yet soothing musicality that she has been perfecting since an early age.

This is a song best left on repeat and will surely provide some relief during this long dark winter, and be a perfect track to hype up the crew on a dreary day. The production and memorability of the track provide a grandeur glimpse into how badass and inspiring her first EP will be. Yel lets out all the crazy in this video and inspires us to let loose and be our wild fun selves just like her.


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